Stage 19: Chapeaux à Bert Grabsch

It’s remarkable to us that Bert Grabsch could be the Lanterne Rouge at the start of the stage and then take third overall for the time trial.  We’re so proud of him but disappointed that it will cost him his overall last place as he will now finish the race as the penultimate rider in the tour. Frankly, we were as captivated by the contest for last as we were by the over-hyped rivalry between Andy and Alberto.  While there’s something extremely creepy about Andy losing to Alberto by 39 seconds, the exact same amount of time that Alberto gained in the dropped chain incident, we felt less strongly about this being a “mechanical” loss when we were reminded that Alberto lost even more time to a broken spoke on the cobblestones.

We shared two Bordeaux wines tonight, a white followed by a red, but did not do any riding.  (Our energies were fully expended by removing our pier–for the second time this summer–due to high water, and cooking soft shell crabs. Yeah, tough life, right?)

The 2009 Chateau La Mouliniere Bordeaux Blanc Sec was creamy and refreshing (and was excellent with crab) while the 2007 Chateau Peyredoule was more demanding.  We discovered that the latter should not be eaten with cherries but was brilliant with blue cheese. We paired it with Bleu D’Auvergne which comes from a region in South Central France (more).

Congratulations to Phil Liggett for taking home the yellow jersey in the performance predictions race! In honor of this achievement (more prestigious, really, than his MBE), we have ordered a copy of Dancing on the Pedals: the Found Poetry of Phil Ligget, The Voice of Cycling.

And, with no more Tour to watch, we are off to the movies.


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