Stage 15: Like Two Wheeled Gladiators

We thought there were no wines from the Pyrenees, so we’ve been drinking Spanish wines for these stages.  But partway through the day, Phil mentioned that the riders were passing through Fronsac, which is known for its wines.  We checked our wine shop to see if we could make a last minute addition.  It turns out they have not stocked any Fronsac in six years but they did have two St. Emillion (nearby)that were out of our price range.  Oh well.  We were not displeased with our 2008 El Chapparal de Vega Sindoa Old Vines Garnacha.

When we were in the wine shop, we got to see the display they’ve built out of our Tour research.  All our wines were tagged in their slots on the shelf.  Cool–retail POS impact! Next year, we hope to sell mentions of wines, or even wine regions, to finance LR. Also, if you give us a case of wine, we’ll mention that you did so (we’re looking at you, region of Burgundy, DOC).

This was the day of the big controversial move on Contador’s part (leaving Schleck behind when his chain slipped).  We don’t side with those who think he should have waited but we do hope that if Contador wins he does so by a more significant margin instead of just the time he gained due to a mechanical error.

We’re really pleased to see how much attention the team standings are getting this year. Bert Grabsch of HTC Columbia is  the new Lanterne Rouge.


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