Stage 14:Schluges and Smengies; foodies and francophiles

We had a great visit with our friends Scott and Sara and their daughter Sadie, who just got back from France. The pressure was on for a good meal and a decent wine. We cooked up a big feast that included a Julia Child rabbit stew, lentils, nicoise salad, and awesome baguettes following Rose Levy Beranbaum’s recipe (a rider error left these slightly under-risen, to be corrected after the rest day, but the flavor was incomparable). This was finished off by a truly awesome desert, a cherry clafloutis that Sara made that left the peloton speechless.

We enjoyed one of the last whites of the tour, a 2009 Coteaux du Languedoc Beaulieu Picpoul de Pinet. Because we had company (very companionable), we opened a second bottle, a 2006 Mas de Bayle, another Languedoc. It’s a very odd red, that our wine store actually recommends drinking cold.

Poached Wisconsin Pears with French Roqueforte

It was hard to actually pay attention to the stage, since Scott and Sara are such great conversationalists, but we did find out the next day that the stage was won by Christophe Riblon and that Schleck and Contador spent so much time playing with each other that they lost time to Menchov and Sanchez.  Anthony Roux of FdJ is the new Lanterne Rouge.


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