Stage 13: Prepping….

Not sure why, but we like Vinokurov. And the sprints are actually more interesting when they’re disorganzized…We’ve been a bit distracted today–lots going on. It’s Saturday, when midwesterners of Scandinavian descent pretend they’re imaginary utopian French people, and buy their produce direct from farmers. The market was great, and we had a great yoga class that was about disconnecting one’s quads (actually a very cycling-centered concept…). Some of us were then productive professionally, while others did dishes and tried to save the tomatoes from early blight!

We like seeing the change-up in the lesser jerseys, and we love Lance but also love hearing about him only 6 times a broadcast. We are also grateful to Phil and Paul for mentioning the LR.

But today’s wine is, frankly, boring. We’ve resolved to up our average price per stage, because this wine is so familiar to us that we actually already had a bottle in the pantry in addition to the one we hoarded for this day.

But tomorrow should be interesting. It’s the first Pyrenees stage, we’re welcoming our first guests (hard to believe) for the year, and we have poulish prepping for baguettes and rather too much rabbit marinating in home-made red wine vinegar. Probably we should consult an expert…


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