Stage 10: Cotes Du Rhone, Raclette, Conservative Racing

Tonight we tried a Raclette Du Haut Libradois. We may be a bit geographically off, but we just found it today, and hey, what’s a few Alps between friends?

Raclette is a French semi-soft raw cow’s milk cheese: according to the label, “a traditional alpine washed-rind cheese, with a smooth, creamy texture and a robust, fruity, nutty flavor.” Also, it’s cheese, which we like.

We’re also a bit geographically off with the wine–if the Raclette should properly have gone with yesterday’s stage, the CdR belongs with tomorrow, but we love Rhone wines, so the more the merrier. We had the M. Chapoutier 2007 Belleruche Cotes-du-Rhone, and agreed with some of the comments at Cork’d that it’s better with some airing. We ate grilled sardines with it, and it might have been better with something redder (though grilled sardines actually make everything better…). The import label translation is also a bit off, though we don’t disagree with Chapoutier’s “my reference [my credo?] : “a will to avoiding a ‘typical taste’ or a set style.”

Continuing with the theme of being “off,” our DVR missed the end of the stage! We had to get the results on-line. [Congrats to RadioShack for their first winner, arguably, since the TRS-80–not the band, the computer, which was the first one Michael owned.]


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