Stage 9: “Twisting and Turning Like a Giant Anaconda…We Are Very Definitely in France…”

Savoie Wine, Anaconda Switchbacks“Setting it up for his teammate to pay off the big bill”

“a beast of a climb!”

Before Cadel lost it, LB was saying “it was never Lance, it was just Hincapie, and whatever team he’s on is going to win!” That’s what Paul would call “the curse of the commentator,” since Cadel’s elbow break obviously crushed him today. Yet another rider pushing through pain that would leave us calling for a massage and a glass of dry white wine (and maybe something that would get us banned from cycling).

We quite liked the white wine we had tonight, a 2008 Savoie Chignin from the Quenard brothers, memorably blogged by Spicy Salty Sweet with phrases such as “On the attack the wine bursts with orange zest and honey with stone fruit and vibrant acidity mid-palate.” The same might be said of Contador, but no matter…

Paul said our cheese was “hard, with a bit of a bite,” and that’s not wrong. It’s a delicious Tomme de Savoie, and we really liked it. Not that hard, and not that bitey, and it comes form these really beautiful cows…

Finally, (via the indispensable Nancy) we have to note– despite the fact that the world of the Lanterne Rouge lacks the ferocious culture of rumor-mongering that dominates the rest of what Paul always calls “the sport of bicycle racing”–that there’s an excellent rumor circulating thanks to Bicycling magazine that Lance Armstrong might finally bring the LR the prestige it has long lacked! In support of this initiative, we at Lanterne Rose pledge that if Lance manages to take the red dish towel we will substitute a so-called wine from Texas for the French champagne we’re saving for the final stage in Paris!


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