Stage Eight

Lots of excitement today in the tour, which unfortunately we saw spoilers for on line before we were able to watch.

While we are sorry that Lance had so much bad luck, we actually believe it is will be a more interesting tour now that the commentators will quit treating it as the battle of Lance and Alberto.  Cadell, Bradley, Ivan, Carlos, Mick, Ryder, Denny and Andy will certainly challenge Alberto for the lead (which he does not even have yet) and there are some other real contenders, including Levi.  Do we think that Lance will now work to support Levi’s chances?

The autobus came in 32’ 54” behind the leaders.  Dmitry Murayev of Radio Shack reclaimed the Lanterne Rouge slot with a cumulative time of 1:27:58.

We were sorry to learn that a second Euskatel rider dropped, since that is LB’s favorite team.

We really enjoyed the wine for today, one of our more expensive, a 2005 Rolet L’Etoile Chardonnay from Jura. The tour seems to go through Jura every year, and most year’s we’ve failed to find an (affordable) wine from this tiny region (smaller, they say, than some entire estates in Chile). We still haven’t tried the (in)famous Vin Juane from the region, but this Chard is really interesting, a complete opposite to the California wines we’re used to. Very minerally, very sharp but not sour.


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