Stage 7: Tour de Cheese

While we’ve not been nearly as thorough in our cheese selections as we have in our wines, we did pick up about half a dozen French cheeses that were available to us locally and have been trying to consume them as we at least pass by their regions.  The foothills of the Alpes is a good place for us to sample brie which we did with both goat (Florette) and sheep (Rocastin) varieties.  To round out the group, we also had one regional cow cheese, the Montboissie du haut Livradois.  The Rocastin had the best texture and the Florette the best flavor but both were satisfyingly creamy. The Montboissie was plenty rich, though less creamy, and had a tangy flavor.  While searching for references about these cheeses, we found a cheese blog that turned out to be written in our home town.

Today’s wine was the 2008 Domaine de la Terrier Jean Coquard Gamay Beaujolais, which we didn’t particularly like.  We found it thin, which is true of many Beujolais, and a bit sour (though less so with some crackers to back it up).

It was fun that Chavanal took back the lead from Cancellara, though we don’t quite understand why the leaders let him go.  Clearly they do not believe he is a contender for the lead but no one has explained why not.  Obviously he can climb and he can time trial and he has at least some team support in his Quickstep team–Pineau if no-one else!.  In the newspaper Lance says we will see changes today, and elsewhere we see Andy Schleck predicting that Contador will attack and he and Armstrong will try to keep up.

The tour gap is up to 1:01:08 today with Jesus HERNANDEZ BLAZQUEZ staying on as Lanterne Rouge overall.  But he came in with the autobus at a stage gap of 22′ 17″.  With tour gaps adding this much each day, we may have to switch our training rides over to stage gaps soon.  At this point, we are away from our gear and find Louisville too hot to do much else outdoors but walk the dogs and  swim.

We are having trouble enjoying the tour on line.  While the Versus “Tracker” provides excellent live feed and commentary (but doesn’t effectively buffer, probably for some stupid DRM reason) and LB’s laptop has a beautiful screen, the hotel wireless is too slow to allow us to watch more than a minute or so before the picture halts to buffer, making it hard to enjoy the tour at this point.  We got more pleasure from reading the results in the Sunday New York Times.  Maybe today we’ll watch with Michael’s family after the World Cup games, tomorrow is a rest day, and by Tuesday we could be home!


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