Stage 4: Also Octopus Can’t Be Wrong, in for a bit of argy-bargy

Our title rewrites a German fan sign spotted before the match with Spain today in the world cup, which predicted that the octopus could err. But apparently not. Celebrity chef Jose Andres (halfback, Spain) has taken octopus off the menu at all his restaurants until further notice. Also, there was a bike race and we drank some indifferent champagne. Thrilling details below the fold. Actually, there were some thrilling moments today.

We rode our trainers for the overall gap of the LR today, which was 35.32. We’re unsure whether our rules will involve the daily time gap, the cumulative time gap, or the number of times Phil refers to the scrolling representations of the colored leaders’ jerseys as some variant on “the most cherished washing in the world.”

Phil is ancient, and also finally won the Versus yellow jersey today, so we’ll show him a modicum of respect.

Phil with Yellow Jersey

Phil with some cherished laundry.

Paul, not to be outdone, did manage to say of the breakaway that the peloton was waiting “to wipe them away as if you are swatting mosquitoes in the African bush.”

Xurucca crashed, but seemed to come back in. We cheered this, as we love him, his team, and his name.

Oh yes, we did drink some champagne, because the race did, after all, end in Reims. The Michel Turgy Brut Blanc de Blancs Reserve Selection A Le Mesnil-Sur-Oger Grand Cru Recoltant-Manipulant Produce of France [Sorry, we’re weak on our lable grammar and didn’t want to leave anything out. I think it also said that the grapes were bitten by radioactive spiders…] was acceptable. A wonderful, yeasty, sourdoughy nose, more fizz than necessary, but LB appreciated the absence of any “champagne” cloying quality. Still, perhaps we could have expected more.  And we might have gotten more, and paid less, with a bottle of Spanish Cava…


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