Stage 3: Cobblestone Carnage and Mimolette Fromage (and Saison Dupont beer)

Bottle and pour of Saison Dupont Belgium Farmhouse Ale

We very much enjoyed our farewell Belgian beer, Vieille Provision Saison Dupont farmhouse ale made in Tourpes, Belgium. It’s a very old style of brewing, meant to be made in the winter but consumed in hot weather, which we definitely have. One commenter at 97 Bottles says it smells “absolutely and appropriately like a farm” and another notes not simply that it has cannabis notes but describes the particular pot nostalgia it triggers in him. I’d describe it as “farmy” but clean feeling and smelling. Carbonated but not gassy, with just enough bitterness to get that slightly astringent clean feeling. Perfect after a big glass of water, which was perfect after our bike training of 22:33.

Which number was selected because it’s the time the Lanterne Rouge lacks on the leader at the start today. Our conceit is that we should ride this time difference each day. Can’t guarantee we’ll stick with it, as the awesome Yauheni Hutarovich finished as the LR last year 4:16:27 back. Not sure there’s enough wine…

We also tried a very nice cheese made on the Belgium-France border, a bright orange Mimolette. Went very nicely with beer. Supposedly, the whole cheeses look like cantaloupes. The one we’re trying is well aged, so it has just a bit of hazelnut flavor.

Bike race? Yeah. We don’t like watching crashes, but on the other hand we appreciate the desire to break up the pack and make for more interesting racing. We’re sorry to loose Christian Van de Velde and Frank Schleck. Armstrong rode hard, which is no surprise. We’re feeling kind of grumpy overall about how this tour is being run and how it’s running out, but as Paul said about yesterday’s various irritations, “throw in the accidents and a little bit of bad weather and you can get a damp squid.”

Which we would serve with a Chardonnay or something a bit more gravel-ly. Or this nice inland beer…


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