Blood in the Streets, Geuze in the Glass

Wow again. Is Leipheimer right that “they want to see us bleed”? It’s good to see that Nancy Toby is back blogging the tour on her Lanterne Rouge site. She posted a quite impressive injury report from today’s stage. We also had a rough day of cleaning up, writing, and exercising, but at least we were rewarded with an actually very interesting beer, the 3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze, a blend of iambics aged in oak. The one review on 97 bottles is pretty spot on. Here’s the label text:

A true Geuze–a blend of 1, 2 and 3 year-old Lambic, unfiltered and pasteurized, and aged in the bottle for at least a year after blending. Re-fermentation in the bottle gives this geuze its famous champagne-like spritziness.

We found the tartness very citric and almost vinegary, but really refreshing after our arduous 25 minutes of spinning (no crashes). It paired very nicely with a tagine of lamb and apricots. We toasted Andy Schelck, and new LR Andreas Klier, and the rest of the autobus who came in 19 minutes back. “Limping on the pedals” as Phil might have said.

3 Founteinin Oude Geuze


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