Crashfest Framboise

Well, that was quite a day at the roller derby. We were a bit distracted by hosting our annual 4th of July Fishboil, but managed to watch the stage, ride our trainers for the required 20 minutes, and drink a pretty awful beer.

Lindeman's Frambois Lambic beer, raspberries, and a screenshot of one of the big crashes in the stage.

Great commentary today: both “he really has put the cat among the pigeons” and “they’re trying to put the missile into the tube.”!

Lanterne Rouge: Dmitriy Murayyav of Radio Shack. Bier Rosé: Lindeman’s Framboise. It’s not that we didn’t like it, it’s that we really didn’t like it. We have to agree with the RateBeer commenter who noted “More soda pop than beer”. Sometime in the 12th century or something, some crazed monk led humanity down the wrong path and added fruit to a beer (OK, I guess probably they were just creatively salvaging rotten raspberries by making the “Mike’s Hard Lemonade” of the time…). We don’t think it’s possible to successfully add fruit to beer in the modern era, but in the spirit of science we are open-minded. So let’s crowd-source this problem: loyal readers, if you know of an actually good fruited beer, send us a 12 pack. The winner will receive LBs voice on their answering machine.

Oh well. It’s a long race. And the domestiques are bringing up fresh supplies:

LB with TDF wines in her waterbottle carrier.

Oh, and we also made some kick-ass fishboil.


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