(14) Colmar to Besançon: Domaine Ehrhart Val St. Gregoire Pinot Auxerrois 2005

STAGE: Ivanov

YELLOW: Nocentini

WHITE: Martin

GREEN: Hushovd

POLKA DOT: Pellizotti


LANTERN ROUGE: Kenny Robert Van Hummel




COMMENTS: Sucks that George didn’t take yellow. No question  Astana could have done less to catch him, so Armstrong saying they wish he’d taken it rings a bit false. Still, the main thing seems to be the Garmin-Columbia rivalry.

WINE: Domaine Ehrhart Val St. Gregoire

YEAR: 2005


GRAPE(S): Pinot Auxerrois

REGION: Alsace



NOTES: Some rustic dried apricot and lime on the nose. Lots of papaya and dried apricot on the palate. Lacking in structure but solid. Green apple, full force, nice fleshy fruit, almost candied or sweet cream adn green tea. But I don’t buy the sales pitch about Auxerrois. Honey and tea on the nose.


COMMENTS: Nice wine–remarkable clarity. Deep colour but absolutely see through. Strong berry notes but not not a lot of flavor up front.


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