(9) Saint-Gaudens to Tarbes: Torus Madiran 2004

STAGE:  Fedrigo

YELLOW:  Nocentini

WHITE: Martin

GREEN: Hoshovd

POLKA DOT: Martinez


LANTERN ROUGE: Kenny Robert Van Hummel





WINE: Torus Madiran 2004


GRAPE(S): Tannat, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc

REGION: Cahors

PRICE: 19.99

VENDOR: Steve’s

NOTES: A treat from southwestern France, Alain Brumont’s entry-level cuvee called “Torus” is a striking wine with serious, really deep black fruit notes and a strong but supple tannic backbone. Brumont, owner of Chateau Montus, is one of the stars of the Madiran area, focusing his growing efforts primarily on Madiran’s signature Tannat grape.The Torus cuvee is half Tannat, with Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc making up the remainder. Brumont’s flagship efforts under the Chateau Montus name are very impressive and intriguing, lean but muscular, with plenty of fruit to balance the notable tannins, and that fruit has a deep, brooding quality, definitely cassis. Not your everyday bottle of red, but surprisingly accessible and easy to pair with lighter fare.


COMMENTS: Michael likes this one quite a bit. Nice cassis notes but not sweet.


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