(1) Individual Time Trial, Monaco: Lupi Rossese di Dolceacqua 2005

Well, we’ve been doing our best to keep up with the tour and our wines, and we’ve had a good time, but there’s been an awful lot else going on. By the time we decompress with the tour in the evening, it’s been hard to actually write notes on the wines. We’ve got a batch of schematic posts for each stage, some with more commentary than others. We never even got to this stage one wine, so perhaps there will be an update to this post. But it’s been a pretty interesting year, both cyclically and oeneologically, so we’ll keep our notes here.

STAGE: Cancellara

YELLOW: Cancellara

WHITE: Kreuzinger

GREEN: Cancellara

POLKA DOT: Contador

TEAM: Astana

LANTERNE ROUGE: Yauheni Hutarovich

WINE: Lupi Rossese di Dolceaqua 2005



PRICE: 29.99


“This is a red wine made from the Rossese grape coming from the Dolceaqua area of the Italian Riviera, also known as Liguria. Rossese makes a spicy, red wine with a fresh red fruit character making it very drinkable and refreshing on the palate. This one is drinkable and delicious, and will round out antipasti beautifully.”



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