2009: We’re way at the back of the pack.

Dear loyal readers:

We’re sure many of you were saying to yourselves: “what’s happened to LanterneRosé? The TDF just won’t be the same without it!”

Well, rest assured that we’ll bring to our teeming readership the same semi-informed and semi-inebriated commentary on both cycling and cheap French (well, actually Western European) wine. We’ll just be starting late, as we are traveling. Thanks to the magic of our improvised wine cellar (a box in the basement) and timeshifting television (Tivo!) we will be doing our best to catch up. We’ve already shopped the wines, and had a great time at Steve’s in Middleton getting the bulk of our selections. Many thanks to Jason (pictured below) for his expertise and encouragement. Courage!

Jason with our cart.

Jason with our cart.


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