S11: Lannemezan to Foix: 2004 Lulu B Syrah

You can Google Lulu B for yourself…… because the wine’s own site is too irritating to link (the splash screen is a portrait of Lulu, and as you mouse over different parts of her body, you have links to different parts of the site). All the text there is in an excruciating first person–here’s Lulu’s annoying tasting notes:

My 2004 Lulu B. Syrah has an intense garnet color, which, incidentally, goes perfectly with my dark hair! It has a powerful bouquet of red berries with floral notes of violets. It is a wonderful wine with complex flavors and soft tannins – magnifique! It also has a good balance between rich spice flavors and striking aromas of violets. Quite an attractive mix, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Which we can’t completely disagree with. One of us said: “it has one note, but that’s not a bad one…”

There’s a bunch of annoying “goes with” suggestions, but the best compliment we can pay this wine is that it stood up to a very non-traditional Japchae we made with pork and kale!


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