S10: Pau to Hautacam: 2006 Domaine Cauhapé Jurançon Sec Chant des Vignes

It’s always nice when a wine shows up in Google with mostly French links. We like this white

the Chant des Vignes, an unoaked cuvée, which is harvested in mid-October, fermented in stainless steel and then held on the lees for six months, before bottling.

(it fits our wannabe wine nerd self-image to like wines left on the lees) and find that these comments from the wine doctor about the 2005 seem apt to this bottle:

Domaine Cauhapé Jurançon Sec Chant des Vignes 2005: This has a bright and shimmering hue, and although it seems to have lost that vibrant grapefruit character there are other appealing elements on the nose, most notably a herby, garden mint perfume. Alongside it, however, there was also a trace of confected banana, more like banana flavoured sweets than the genuine item, and this has never been an aroma I have enjoyed in a wine. Fortunately for me, the isoamyl or amyl acetate, or whichever of the above is the culprit, is not so evident on the palate, which has a full body, a touch of creaminess, with a lovely weight. There is a raft of un-bananery fruit, with a pithy nature, and lots of grip and substance. Overall, despite my initial misgivings, this is really excellent wine, the banana component indeed fading to become a minor nuance,

And perhaps by 2006 the banana had faded further, for it’s not troubling us.

Meanwhile, “Jens Vogt is stamping out an infernal pace” at the front on the Tormelet.


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