S9: Toulouse to Bagneres-de-Bigorre: 2005 Le Roc Fronton

One of us said:

Drier than I like and thinner than I like, but this is the first wine with some range…

And actually we both quite like it. What would be the perfect biscotti to go with this? It would be a bit oily, that’s for sure. Here’s an interesting thought about the main grape:

Négrette – the main grape of Fronton, the local wine of Toulouse – is low in acidity and not especially tannic. It’s easy to grow and yields well – too well perhaps, and its wine has often lacked personality. For that reason, almost every grower stiffens it by adding Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrah or Malbec (a little Gamay is also grown in Fronton). The rules say that Fronton wine, red or rosé, must include 50 to 70% Négrette, but a blend it must be. Such a requirement would seem like common sense, but for the fact that Négrette is a classic under-achiever and is capable of far finer things.

As mixed by Le Roc (with 30% Syrah and 10% Cab Sauv), this has plenty of acid and earthiness.

And OMG Ricardo Ricco! We agree with Phil and Paul that 2009 is going to be the first great Ricco vintage.


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