S8: Figeac to Toulouse: 2006 Clos La Coutale Cahors

Two things are a bit upsetting.

  1. Doping. Do you think it’s too late for Tricky to flip on Lance?
  2. Our reliance on the Google Maps KML file that we (lazily and hastily) used to arrange our wine purchases.

We put the pour list together on the fly, and what we should have done is followed the excellent Google Earth tracks (or even just the Google Maps page) and researched each town as we went. Or better yet, next year after the route is announced we should hire some wine nerds and fly with them to France and go over the route, then start an import business just built around the Tour…

Because we blew this one, as in mid-stage the boys blithely announce that we were passing through the great wine town of Gaillac, which hadn’t even made our list.

But the fault is ours rather than the wine professional with the amateur motivation, Antonio_Rocha_Graca , who compiled an amazing amount of information.

And what we wound up with is, as Paul Irwin might say, a not inconsiderable wine. We thought it started very strong and while one of us found it too acid at the end, “the sting is in the tail” as Phil said of today’s course. One taster on the euro-wine site Vinogusto said in excellent French that this is un

Excellente valeur pour le prix
Vin bien charpenté, long, tannique, agréable, un excellent choix pour les 14,95$ extorqués par la SAQ. Fruit, mais profondeur aussi.

agréable, mais oui!


One response to “S8: Figeac to Toulouse: 2006 Clos La Coutale Cahors

  1. The Clos La Coutale is a very good wine, especially for the price. I like to think it has the finesse and grace of a fine merlot but the suppleness of an Argentine malbec. Good Old World – New World connection!

    Joon S.

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