S3: Saint-Malo to Nantes: Domaine les Hautes Noëlles Sur Lie Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu 2006

“Effervescent and sour” was the first impression of this admittedly inexpensive wine.

The vintner does have a nice looking website, even if it’s doubly annoying for being in Flash and in French. And in time, as another boring stage unfolds with a slowly shrinking breakaway and irritating features that seem to be about the eyewear of Team Garmin Chipotle’s owners, we can pick up some of the “concentrated melon and citrus flavours, refreshingly tangy acidity and mineral notes” noted by vintages.com (note that sites linked here are not like great wine sites we know of, just what comes up when we Google the specific bottle).

It must be said that the wine does match the great Nicoise salad we’re grazing on as we watch the thunderstorms while listening to the tour. Bret Thorn apparently had it at a tasting dinner with “live scallop carpaccio with champignons de Paris and lemon-olive oil dressing” which sounds both delicious and appalling–isn’t a live scallop carpaccio basically vivisection?

Not sure we’ve drunk the grape from which this comes–Oooh! Fascinating moment just now where Christian Prudhomme basically trades television time to some labor protestors to get them to let the breakaway through–anyway, the grape is the Melon de Bourgogne. And not sure we can taste the “sur lie” part, which involves somehow leaving the wine aging on top of the dead yeast. This is said to impart a toastiness among other things, and is often done with Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonay.

If the breakaway stays clear, this wine wil have been worth it…


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