S1: Brest to Plumelec: Sydre Eric Bordelet Brut Tendre (2003)

The Tour Begins-with cider! A few years ago, we had the idea of watching the Tour de France and drinking the wines from the vineyards the peloton passes by. This year we tried to get more systematic about buying the wines, and once the name occurred to us, we had to blog it.  So of course the Tour begins in Brest, where apparently there is no wine.

But no fear, they make excellent cider in Brittany! And the Loire is ahead.

We know little about wine, and even less about French wine, but after a little research we’re pretty sure that not a lot of folks are making the connection (as evidenced by how hard it is to find wine information connected to the Tour route. We accomplished our purchasing by a slightly tedious use of Google Earth.

Tonight we’re drinking a very impressive cider, the Eric Bordelet Brut Tendre (the import label says 2003). Our tasting notes are:

  • “It’s like a sourdough!”
  • Wonderfully yeasty.
  • A pleasingly metallic nose and a bit of a metallic taste on the back of the tongue.

We both quite like it, but then again we’ve been working hard all day, it’s hot here in the U.S. Midwest, and a refreshing cider hits the spot. Over at ratebeer.com the judgment is more precise and a bit more harsh.

“Buttery and quite phenolic aroma. Clear amber color. Apple flavor, decently sweet and tart. Musty and phenolic underneath. Bandaid finish.”

We haven’t noticed the Bandaid taste, but that could be the vintage (which we don’t quite get about cider) or our impoverished palates.

A lovely sydre.

A lovely sydre.

As for the bike ride, one of us is pulling for Garmin-Chipotle and the other is both more generally ambivalent and more skeptical on the whole anti-doping thing. Interestingly, this is a biodynamic cider, which means it’s both organic and sort of spiritually doped…

Oh…and a toast to Valverde–nice sprint.


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